I Like Fridays


Old English Frīgedæg ‘day of Frigga,’ named after the Germanic goddess Frigga, wife of the supreme god Odin and goddess of married love; translation of late Latin Veneris dies ‘day of Venus,’ Frigga being equated with the Roman goddess of love, Venus. Compare with Dutch vrijdag and German Freitag .


Years ago I did a little mini-study about how the days of the week got their names.  It was most interesting, a carry-over of Greek and Roman mythology that has translated down through the centuries into other languages and cultures.

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Frigga (Freya)  used a chariot pulled by cats.  So you know right there that the story is a myth 🙂

I don’t think about Frigga when Friday rolls around 🙂  I think about the beginning of my treasured four-day weekend, which is, for me, a reward for all the years of working five or six days a week.  At this point in my life, at age 71, I COULD retire.  I don’t want to just yet, though, and with every new client who comes into my office looking for help, I know I’m still where I need to be.

I do value my status as an independent contractor.  I can choose how much I work, and when I want to work.  That’s very nice.

During the school year, every other Friday I get to teach a class for the home school co-op our church hosts.  This year, we’re studying the Constitution and Current Events, which,  believe me,  is never boring.  Plenty of news to keep us talking, and figuring out what our Constitution is really all about.

So yes, I like Fridays.

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7 thoughts on “I Like Fridays

  1. I think Everybody likes Friday — unless they happen to work weekends. Like I have to, this weekend. 🙂

    We’ve gotten a few weekdays from Norse gods: Wednesday comes from Wotan’s day, Thursday from Thor’s day. If I err not, it’s this connection with pagan deities that led the Quakers to use First-day, Second-day, etc., for the days of the week.

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