Loose Pants

RDP Thursday – LOOSE

Middle English loos ‘free from bonds,’ from Old Norse lauss, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German los .


Okay, “free from bonds.”  That’ll work 🙂

While I was laid up and basically immobile for a couple of months, my appetite took a break.   I lost a few pounds, which is surprising because  I surely wasn’t burning calories.  Just  didn’t have much appetite.

Related image

(I wish)

So my clothes are a little loose.  That’s a wonderful thing.  Any of you who share a lifelong struggle  with the battle of the bulge with me, know how nice it is when clothes that have tightened up relax their hold a little bit–just a little loose.

The trick now is to keep it off, not regain it.   I’m trying. So far, so good.  Trouble is, I’m back to my regular routine of doing the evening cooking  when I’m not working, and I really would do better if I cooked more like Terry does–plain,  plain, plain.   But that’s boring, boring, boring.  Boring in the cooking, and it doesn’t stimulate the appetite.  He’s a capable cook, but not a creative one.

So I’ve decided I’m going to copy hiss  style.  We’ll see how that goes.

RDP:  Loose

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