PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold

All around the heads of the pawns the rhetoric swirled. The Kings and Queens and lesser royalty had their own strategy in mind, but the pawns knew nothing of that. They only knew that they were being promised many things by both the Black and the White.

How to know which, if either, were telling the truth?

The knights were sent to battle, the Bishops were sent to pray. The Castles were besieged and knocked off the playing field.

It was left to the pawns to clean up the battlefield, and wonder if anyone had won.


66 thoughts on “Politics

    1. Well, yes, that often happens. I’m thinking Viet Nam. BUT–there have been battles–wars–that have changed the course of history. Go back as far as the Norman invasion and victory over England in 1099. And that’s just one example.

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