Fun? Really?

RDP Saturday – Drench

Old English drencan ‘force to drink,’ drenc ‘a drink or draft,’ of Germanic origin; related to German tränken(verb), Trank (noun), also to drink.

drench (v.) c. 1200, “to submerge, sink; drown, kill by drowning,” from Old English drencan “give drink to, ply with drink, make drunk; soak, saturate; submerge, …


Image result for drunk

Not very attractive, is it?  This guy is drenched (drunk).  This is a sense of the word drench  that I didn’t know. I just always thought of it as being soaked with some liquid or the other, but on the outside–not with alcohol on the inside.  Makes sense though.

I looked through some pretty awful pictures  before I decided to use this one.  The thing I don’t understand is that the people looked absolutely miserable, yet they’ll do the same thing all over again the next chance they get.

They tell me it’s fun.

It doesn’t look like fun.

RDP: Drench



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