Flag-Wavin’ American

RDP Tuesday: Flag

mid 16th century: perhaps from obsolete flag ‘drooping,’ of unknown ultimate origin.


“I’m just a flag-wavin’ American,” say the words of an old song.  I really was born on the 4th of July, so the flag and all the rest that goes with independence day are very important to me.  I’m proud of my flag, love to see it waving against a clear blue sky.  It makes me thankful to have been born in America, just a couple of years after WWII was ended. Image result for American Flag

Sadly, I’m afraid we’ve lost some of the old-fashioned patriotism in the years since then. There has been so much political ugliness over the years.  There was a time, and I remember it, when a Presidential election having been won or lost, you just got on with the business of living, working, and enjoying the freedoms this country offers. Since those rather idyllic days, it seems no election is really over.  The name-calling, accusations and counter-accusations continue, and are exacerbated by a media always willing to throw fuel on any fire.

I know that many of you who read this today also love your own countries, and are proud of your flags.  That is as it should be. Contrary to the thinking of those who want a one-world government, patriotism is a good and positive thing.  My patriotism is not generated by a need to dominate any other country, but to love and enjoy the privileges of America.

I find it appalling that anyone is offended by the American flag IN AMERICA!  Why did you come here if you despise my flag and everything it represents?  I don’t understand, never will. After all, you are living sheltered under the American flag; you came here to enjoy the same freedoms I do; what can your objection be, unless you hope to turn America into the same thing you left?

Any country’s flag is its banner of identification. All participating nations’ flags are honored, for instance, at the Olympics. As they should be. Loyalty to that flag, love of country, love of one’s homeland, is a wonderful thing.

I love my flag.

RDP: Flag


5 thoughts on “Flag-Wavin’ American

  1. It’s sad that in England, our English flag of Saint George has been appropriated by the far right, and flying it makes a particular, and quite unpleasant statement. Unless you’re a football fan: it’s OK for them too. Luckily the Union Jack is still OK!

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