Fly and Drag

RDP Friday: WEEK

Old English wice, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch week and German Woche, from a base probably meaning ‘sequence, series.’

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Well, however they got named, or wherever those names came from,  I’ve been learning something about weeks lately.

They drag and they fly at the same time.

When you’re in a great deal of pain, and you are fortunate enough to have medication to dull the pain, sometimes days seem like months. I don’t do helpless with very much grace.  I’m very thankful to have a husband who has always, always been willing and able to care for me when I’m down and out. Not everyone is so blessed. BUT!  I don’t like it that he HAS to take over my work. He has plenty of his own projects, and his own pain can be debilitating. He never complains about looking after me when my back puts me down and out, but I truly hate being such a burden to him.  So sometimes the days and weeks drag.

However, now that I’m through that particular patch of misery and am back to work, I look back on those 8 weeks or more and wonder where the time went.  Of course, pain medication  can put you in something of a fog. Terry tells me he thinks I’ve missed a lot more than I realize, and he’s probably right.  But I sat or lay down through part of August, all of September, and half of October, and  that time is just gone, never to be retrieved.

Those weeks have flown.

I’m pleased to say that the pain treatment is working well.  I’m no longer drugged up, and I’m looking forward to going to the homeschool co-op in which I teach every other week.  We have an almost painfully beautiful blue October sky, which of course makes all the gorgeous fall colors more intense.  I’m looking forward to the drive, which is through some hilly farm country and stretches of woods.

For now, because of the injection I get for this pain, my life has been handed back to me.  But I also know how fast this pre-holiday season goes, so I think I’d better fasten my seatbelt and get ready to fly 🙂

RDP: Week

7 thoughts on “Fly and Drag

  1. I wish you better days ahead, my friend — And “if wishes were horses…” I’d wish you totally well. How well I understand the frustrations when a person’s body doesn’t connect with their wishes anymore. 🙂

    I have this problem of wishing I could be more organized and do so much more, seeing how time flies so fast. You post reminds me to be thankful; if I hadn’t had chemo, I likely wouldn’t be here to do anything. Hope you have good times teaching your class.

    Ps: Our weather, too, has changed. Yesterday it was so warm here!

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