PHOTO PROMPT © Jilly Funelli

Jenny clung to her balloon string with all the might in her sweaty, pudgy fist. “Where will it go, Mommy?”

“Why, it will go wherever you take it, Jenny.”

“No, I mean, when it flies me away.  Where will it go?”

Mommy was distracted looking at a pair of jeans. When she turned to answer Jenny’s question, her little girl was floating out the door.

“Jenny! Stop!  Let it go!”

But Jenny was laughing, thrilled with her new adventure. Once she was out the door, the balloon swiftly took her up, up and away.

To somewhere.


59 thoughts on “Soaring

    1. We live just south of a small municipal airport. When the weather is right, as many as a hundred of those balloons lift off from the airport and float above our house. Makes you wish you were up there.


  1. Jelli

    Oh, I see a wonderful children’s book in the making here. This is awesome! What an adventure awaits. I can even picture the illustrations…. ohhh, snort… all my art supplies are packed, now! grrr….

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  2. That little girl is going to have a wonderful adventure. I like to think of her flying home on the back of a friendly eagle and completing her journey on grown-up version of Freddie, the adorable puppy on Michael’s post just now 🙂

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