Having a Blast!



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The picture really doesn’t have much to do with what I’m thinking, but I really like it–so there it is 🙂

Did you grow up, as I did, in the 50’s and 60’s when “we had a blast!”  was a positive comment on some experience or the other?  It could have been a party, a picnic, a good ball game, an exciting experience like riding a scary roller coaster.  “What a blast!” was high praise.

But from what I’m learning this morning,  the word blast probably had more to do with fire, or a blaze, than an explosion.  Today, that’s what we call an explosion.  A blast.  We use it to demolish a building, or carve a roadway through mountainous territory, or any other occasion in which it is necessary to blow things to kingdom come.

Earlier this year, we had a series of suspicious blasts all around Bucks County and I think in Lehigh, as well.  No one knew what they were. There was talk of military exercises, planes breaking the sound barrier (doesn’t sound the same at all–that’s a BOOM!) and probably some extraterrestrial activity.  They even brought the FBI into the investigation.

Turns out it was some local guy who owns a chemical factory, and I can’t remember now why he was doing what he did.  He never hurt any property or people, so maybe he was just having fun playing with some of his experiments.  Anyway, it sure got everyone’s interest.  Turns out it was just a way down the road from us, near Spinnerstown.

Of course his activity doesn’t explain the the blasting noises that were heard in states several hundreds of miles away.

Someone out there is still having a blast 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Having a Blast!

  1. Oh, yes, I remember! I didn’t know that usage was totally passe, but that’s how things go.
    I suspect new expressions have an even shorter life these days than they did when we were young because TV sit-coms and dramas are constantly coming up with fresh ones. As do teens, just to be different. Which is why authors are told not to bother using slang in their novels or the book will be passe in a hurry, too.


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