A New Word

RDP Saturday – Fleek

early 21st century: apparently an arbitrary formation; popularized in a 2014 video post on the social media service Vine by Kayla Newman (‘Peaches Monroee’).


So this is a word someone made up in 2014.  I have to wonder if it’s not one of those Cockney words that rhymes with something else that means just the opposite of.  . . . no, wait, I’m getting all tangled up.

Anyway, it seems to be a compliment.  Would you feel really good about it if I said you were looking fleek today? Or, more accurately, that your nail polish is on fleek?

If you’re really interested you can go here: peachesmonroee

Let me warn you that it’s very much a teen girl website 🙂


RDP: Fleek

8 thoughts on “A New Word

  1. If it was cockney I could have given a full explanation as cockney was my first language, growing up in the East end of London. I suppose something like the Bronx. and yes, we did not have stairs, but apples and pears and we did not take a walk along the road, but the frog and toad. My dad would have a decka at the black a white if he found his bins instead of reading the newspaper if he found his glasses etc. etc. but we never fleeked about anything, might have had a freak out now and again. 🙂

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    1. love your reply. That rhyming slang of cockney is wonderful even though I don’t understand a bit of it. Is the rhyming slang set like you always say “frog and toad” or do people also make it up on the fly with folks understanding it through context? I could just see the uproar if I used “apples and pears” for my next prompt instead of “stairs.”

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  2. Thanks for the link to the TeenVogue article on Peaches. It said she was starting up an “On Fleek” makeup line and was asking people to fund her and at that point March 2017, she had raised $12,520 towards a goal of $100,000. It made me curious to see what has happened since then. So I went to GoFundMe to see how far she succeeded. She ended up raising $16,880. It looks like she started a hair extension business with her mom last year and it’s still going although unfortunately she changed the business url so all the hype she got from magazines like Huffington Post go to a defunct site. I wonder if she sold the domain name “peachesonfleek” (a friend of mine sold a domain name for $10,000). She really needs to update them. So from coining a word at age 16, a 19-year-old now has her own business.

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      1. She was 16 when everything went viral. Too young to start anything then but one of the other posters posted a recent video of her and at 19 she comes across as very grown-up and talking about her salon and web business. So I knew it was out there, just took a bit of finding since the urls in the magazine articles were incorrect. The word is becoming a story of a girl to me now that I’ve seen the video.

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