Fun Names


Old English heord, of Germanic origin; related to German Herde



We all know about herds of cattle, sheep, or other large animals.  But did you know that a group of hummingbirds is a charm?

Image result for a charm of hummingbirds

Falcons, depending on what kind, are known as  a “bazaar”, “eyrie”, “ringing”, “stooping up”, and a “tower” of falcons.

A flock of flamingoes is a flamboyance, while a flock of larks is an exaltation, a bevy, an ascension, or a happiness.

There are lots more, but I think that’s enough for today.

My husband had a buddy in college who used to refer to a group of girls as “There was a whole bevy of them.” Neither Terry nor his friend were brave enough to try to approach such a bevy.  Very shy.  But I’m glad they didn’t call those groups of girls herds.

RDP: Herd




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