So Bored

RDP Saturday – BURBLE

noun: burble
  1. 1.
    continuous murmuring noise.
    • rambling speech.
      “an hour of boring burble”


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    Ever feel like this?

    I detest meetings. Business meetings, committee meetings, any kind of meeting where some have to sit and try to be interested  in whatever the speaker is talking about.

    I know, I know.  Some meetings have to happen.   Information needs to be disseminated among employees, co-workers, etc.  But it seems to me there should be a more efficient way to do that than to force people to sit in an endless  burble of boring bloviation.

    I had a professor years ago who had all  his lectures typed up and copied. He distributed them at the beginning of the class, and then read them to us for the next 50 minutes.

    Yes, he read them to us.  Do you know how boring it is to have to sit through that?

    I could have read his notes in 15 minutes, but instead he read them to us, stopping now and then to add or explain something. Bored, bored, bored.

    I do quite a bit of speaking, myself.  Always, I try to gauge how my audience is responding. If they’re falling out of their chairs, asleep with their heads falling off, I do my best to kick it up a few notches, get them involved, make them laugh.  If nothing else, I tell them that I understand how they feel about such meetings, and I’ll make a joke about it.  They always respond well.

    If you are a public speaker, learn to pay attention to your listeners.  They don’t deserve to be bored to tears.

    RDP: Burble


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