Normal for Them


c. 1200, cointe, “cunning, ingenious; proud,” from Old French cointe “knowledgeable, well-informed; clever; arrogant, proud; elegant, gracious,” from Latin cognitus “known, approved,” past participle of cognoscere “get or come to know well” (see cognizance). Modern spelling is from early 14c.


Interesting how this word has changed over time.  Now,  it’s usually  an adjective meaning “a little old-fashioned,” and is used to describe something which with we’re not familiar because it’s no longer applicable to modern life. An example, here in my corner of Pennsylvania, would be the Amish.

Their manner of dress, for instance is quaint, from our perspective.

Image result for Amish clothing

I’m guessing that these  young ladies did not know their picture was being taken. The Old Order Amish consider pictures  to be graven images, and do not allow cameras.

Here’s the typical clothing for Amish men and boys:

Related image

We live about an hour or so from Lancaster County, and it’s a beautiful area. Their farms are lush and productive, worked the old-fashioned way with horse-drawn plows. As you drive through the area, you’ll see horses and buggies; little kids out working in the yard, or someone riding a scooter.


Image result for Amish children doing yard work

Image result for amish child riding scooter

They can really fly on those scooters!  I’ve seen them riding these things barefoot, too, because that’s how they usually are.  Barefoot. You can see little kids running barefoot down a gravel road.  Ouch.  Doesn’t seem to bother them a bit, though.

Amish cooking is amazing.  There is always a feast if you find a family-owned Amish restaurant.  You will not leave that table still feeling hungry! We enjoy eating at the Bird in Hand Amish Restaurant.  Delicious!Image result for Amish feast on the dinner table

You can even visit an old Amish house, and of course I love looking at the incredible

quilts the women make.

Image result for Amish House

You will notice no pictures on the wall; there is no electricity used in an Amish house, and it is spotlessly clean.Image result for Amish quilts

This is a traditional Tree of Life quilt pattern.  Amish women can use foot-treadle sewing machines if they have one, but all the quilting and applique is done by hand.  I got to sit at a quilting frame once and do some quilting with Amish women of all ages.Image result for Amish quilting bee

Well, I’ve just scratched the surface of this quaint, to us, way of life. For them, it is normal.  They believe in family, hard work, and clean living.  Not such a bad way to live.

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5 thoughts on “Normal for Them

  1. Ronnie

    Tim and I love going to the Lancaster area. It’s our favorite place to “get away”, and, of course, both of our little “fur-babies” came from Amish farms in that region. It is such a lovely area and the people are so dear and charming.

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