Dandy Dandies

RDP Saturday – POSH

Origin. Early 20th century: perhaps from slang posh, denoting a dandy.

Image result for posh gentleman of the 1920's

Two quite posh gentlemen all duded up for dinner and an evening at the opera, the theatre, or perhaps their gentlemen’s club for some gambling  without their wives or female companions getting in the way.

I’ve always associated the word posh with the British.  Not sure why, as most wealthy Americans tried their best, back in the 1920’s to look as British as possible.

It’s even more interesting to go waaaay back and look at painting of posh gentlemen before the term was coined.  I’ve always thought these guys look ridiculous, even  though they all followed the same trends.

 Image result for dandies of the 1700's

Especially love the guy in pink, don’t you?  I’d love to see Terry all decked out like that, but I really think he’d die first  🙂

RDP:  Posh


3 thoughts on “Dandy Dandies

  1. Ronnie

    Amazing how what is appropriate for male/female changes over time, isn’t it? I just finished a unit in my makeup artistry course on doing male makeup, which is becoming more and more common. Society went through a long period when that was totally unacceptable except for on stage. However, in previous times, like some of the ones you’ve pictured here, as well as in ancient Egypt etc., male makeup was very, very common – quite the norm actually. Just like the pink – pink wasn’t considered a “female” color until the 1940’s, as I learned in my style courses. Up until that time, blue and pink had no gender connotations whatsoever. Yet, now we think of them so strongly. Amazing how things like that become ingrained in us over time.

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    1. Terry had a dark pink shirt many years ago. It went well with his coloring, and he wore it out. It’s not the pink that would bother him. It’s the frills, lace, curly wig, pointy-toed high heels, etc. I mean, come on, can you see Tim rigged up like that? I don’t think so 🙂

      And why is it ok for women to wear blue, but not for men to wear pink?


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