Just for Nice

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Zing sighed, shaking his head at the strange sight.  He knew they were called umbrellas, but he didn’t understand why the were way up there when all the people were way down here, and it wasn’t even raining.  His logical mind could make no sense of it.

Zang on the other hand, was entranced. “It’s just for pretty,  Zing.  It’s nice to look at.  Like flowers floating down from the sky; like children’s lollipops in the sky; like a bouquet of flowers  floating overhead.”  He loved the colors.

“It’s not practical. It’s just pretty,” Zang said.




55 thoughts on “Just for Nice

      1. anie

        I do not know what their mission and desire is, so I cannot say. But of course my romantic nature is longing for a cheesy happyend with adaption and respect, understanding and acceptance on each side….😍

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    1. Exactly. Here in my corner of Pennsylvania, the old Pennsylvania Dutch like to paint designs on their barns. Some people think there is some sort of hidden meaning in the designs, but the people will tell you they are “just for nice,”

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      1. Loved Pennsylvania dutch country when I was a kid. Last time in Lancaster it had a bit of touristy kitch I dont remember.it having before.

        My mom painted pennsylvania dutch designs on our cabinets and they stayed there till we sold the house. Love the expression “just for nice.”

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      2. Yes, the tourist thing has taken a grip in Amish country. Sad, to me, that these very private people are now subject to the scrutiny of people who really don’t understand them or their way of life.

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  1. Lovely take, Linda. Perfect to bring Zing and Zang back into the fold, I think. And let’s face it, there are humans who so think like Zing so I must agree with Rochelle, totally left brain, right brain going on here!

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  2. Jelli

    And pretty they are…. reminded me of a little beachside bar that I ate dinner at down deep in the Leeward Islands (forget which one). They made great sunshades. And the colors were cheerful. A pleasant memory. Enjoyed the read! 🙂 ❤

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  3. I love this. It’s tells us so much about their inner character and they way they process new information. Zing is logical and practical, while Zang appreciates beauty and the arts. Not everything has to have a specific working purpose to be enjoyed.

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  4. Sarah Ann

    I can’t help warming to Zang with his great philosophy, and those other images and ideas – the sky of lollipops and flowers. The colours are beautiful and I think Zang might be starting to understand those he has come to research. 🙂

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