RDP# Tuesday prompt: CREPUSCULE

ate Middle English: from Latin crepusculum ‘twilight.’


That not-quite-dark but no-longer-light  time of day was Frannie’s favorite time.  She always felt the world slowing down, relaxing after a long day’s work.  Of course, she knew it wasn’t happening all over the world at the same time, but she like to imagine it was.Image result for crepuscular

Especially in the fall, she loved walking home from her bakery  in the late afternoon.  The air was crisp and fresh.  The fall flowers flaunted their colors with no sense of propriety at all. No mosquitos  stealth-bombed her as she walked. The tree toads and crickets had already begun their evening concert.  Smoke from burning leaves scented the air, and Fran loved it.  It took her back to her childhood, and it explained why she came back to her small town after she finished her training and opened her beloved bakery.

As a child, she had loved the tantalizing smells that floated up the stairs to the small apartment she and her mother had shared.  The friendly baker downstairs always sent up some special treat for them to enjoy with their breakfast.  Often, Fran would tuck hers into a small bag and put it in her lunch box or her backpack.

She remembered walking home from her band practice or field hockey or whatever other activity she had enjoyed.  It was during this season of the year, when the sky was turning crepuscular, that she had first dreamed of owning her own bakery.

As she enjoyed her late afternoon walk now, she thought about many things.  Mostly, though, she thought about how thankful she was for the life she lived.  And of course, just as she turned into her own yard, bursting with fall flowers, there were Jordan and her sweet little Benjie, waiting for her and hoping for a cookie, a cupcake, or a doughnut.

What more could a girl ask for?

RDP:  Crepuscule


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