From Sea to Shining Sea


From Middle English, from Latin copiosus, copia (“abundance”), from Latin co- + ops (“wealth”) + -osus (“full of”).


It’s been over a week since I visited Rag Tag.  Copious amounts of time have been spent in bed, because my back is creating havoc for me.  I’m getting some shots on Friday, and I can’t wait!

When I think of today’s word, the first thing I associate  it with is holiday feasting.  Especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, where we see tables full of wonderful food, and we all overeat.  Well, most of us do.  Some people are just too disciplined to break the rules, but I’m not one of them 🙂

I also think of the copious amounts of water with which America is blessed.  I know there is drought to deal with, as well, but here in my corner of PA there has been more than enough rain.  And now that Florence has crawled up the East Coast, we’re getting mucky, cloudy weather with predictions of a little rain.

(I wonder, if Trump is responsible for Florence, which was downgraded substantially from the initial forecast, then was Obama responsible for Sandy six years ago?  I had no idea a mere President was powerful enough to control the weather.) 

And I don’t mean at all to downplay the seriousness of Florence.  It’s heartbreaking to hear, for instance, the pain-filled voice of the mom who’s one-year-old lost his grip on her hand and drowned.  I just can’t even imagine.

I’ve seen all the Great Lakes.  I’ve gotten my toes wet in the mighty Mississippi River, and have even walked across the head of that great stream up at Lake Itasca in Minnesota.

Image result for Lake Itasca


I’ve seen both the Atlantic and the Pacific, have flown across the Atlantic several times.  I’v spent a week on the Gulf of Mexico. I lived in Portland, Oregon, for five years and enjoyed boating and swimming in the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.

Copious amounts of water, indeed, and we are blessed.  Niagara Falls is wonderful to see; So is the Hoover Dam that helps redirect water to thousands of acres in the arid Southwest.  Irrigation ditches are unfamiliar to Pennsylvania, but I enjoyed playing in one when we visited my dad’s relatives in Colorado. We made boats out of wood scraps my grandpa kept, and floated them  down the stream.

So much of life is lived on the abundance of water.  Listening to my parents talk about the  dust storms of the 1930’s makes me very thankful I didn’t have to live through that. I don’t think my dad ever stopped rinsing out a glass before he filled it with water–something he learned to do in his childhood/teens because of the ubiquitous dust that was everywhere, no matter how often it was cleaned away.

Well, I seem to have copious amounts of ideas crowding my brain this morning.  Enough can be more than enough, so I’ll stop now 🙂

RDP: Copious


10 thoughts on “From Sea to Shining Sea

    1. I’m getting my first injection for this episode on Friday. Praying with all my heart that it gives me some relief. Unfortunately, there is no cure for what’s happening back there, but the injections do settle the pain down usually for several months.

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  1. Ronnie

    So sorry about your back, Linda. Jamie had mentioned to me that you were having problems with it. I’ve been struggling with mine, as well. Mine’s been shooting straight up my spine, into my neck and then head leaving me with a migraine everyday for two weeks – also, behind on my blogging. I feel your pain! I hope you’ve finally found some relief! I wish they could find some long-term solution for you. You continue to be in my prayers, my friend!

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    1. Oh, Ronnie. One things after the other. Sadly, there is no cure for me; there is, though, pain control, and I’m due for my first shot for this particular episode on Friday. Can’t wait.


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