In Remembrance

PHOTO PROMPT © Carla Bicomong

The water was glassy calm, nothing like the tsunami that had boiled it into a wall of fury.

Hundreds of people were there.  Most had a candle to set afloat. Some were looky-loos, snapping photos of grief gleefully.

It had been a year to the day that the tsunami had come roaring into the bay, taking so many by surprise; swallowing people up like a whale swallows krill.  Many had tried to escape to the highest hills, but the water overtook them.

Houses disappeared. Cars and boats turned into  scrap metal and toothpicks.

The dead were not forgotten.



71 thoughts on “In Remembrance

      1. I remember watching the footage of the one in 2004 – just terrifying, as you say, and utterly heartbreaking, seeing all of those people and imagining what they were thinking as that wave came closer. You conveyed it well

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  1. I like the way you’ve constructed this, using the contrast between the water of the tsunami boiling in and the glassy sea on the anniversary to give power to your narrative. There’s some good descriptive writing, too. I liked the boats becoming toothpicks.

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