Road Project


late Middle English: from Old French comunete, reinforced by its source, Latin communitas, from communis (see common).


All of us who live on my road are experiencing one of the benefits of community.  In early June, the township started a project. They’re installing storm sewers and curbing, which means the road has been taken down to about 1 1/2 feet below the level of our yards.

The workers have big metal ramps that they’ve put on each driveway so we can leave our homes when we need to.  They’ve been incredibly helpful about even going so far as stopping the trucks and graders and excavators so we can get through.Image result for road construction in a suburban community

Our next-door neighbor has allowed his yard to be a staging area, so theres always some machinery  sitting there overnight and on the weekends.

A neighbor down the street who has a large front yard agreed to let them put a portable outhouse on his property.  How thoughtful is that?

Driving from where the work begins to reach our driveway is sort of like going through a maze, but it’s well-marked with orange cones.  Even in the dark, you can see where you need to go.  And believe me, no one is exceeding the speed limit 🙂

To my knowledge, no one is complaining.  No one is causing any problems.

It’s been extremely hot and humid.  We’ve had a lot of rain. The workers are out there anyway, stopping only when the downpour makes it hard to see.

This is what community is all about.  We’ve lived here for 24 years, and have never had any problems with any of our neighbors.  That’s pretty remarkable.  It’s a great neighborhood, and we are blessed.

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