Married to an Engineer


mid 17th century (as a noun denoting payment for saving a ship or its cargo): from French, from medieval Latin salvagium, from Latin salvare ‘to save.’ The verb dates from the late 19th century.


Terry is an engineer.  That means he’s analytical, detail-oriented, perfectionistic, and he never throws anything away that he thinks he may be able to use again.

Buckets full of tools.  Buckets of wire, copper, aluminum.  Mayo jars full of nuts, bolts, screws, nails and such, all screwed into their lids which are nailed to a beam in the ceiling of the basement.  Tools.  Oh my, the tools.  I never saw so much STUFF squirreled away here and there and everywhere.

He has the attic, the garage, the little shed, a bigger shed, a truck body–all full.  He has a big old tractor sitting in the back yard that he’s restoring, just because he likes doing it.

He would have loved running a salvage yard.  Then he could have had acres and acres of junk and people would come and look at it, and dicker over prices and try to make bargains. He could have accumulated tools and bigger machines to his heart’s content.

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I’ve banned his stuff from the living areas in the house, but I have to watch him like a hawk.  He often uses the dining room table as his staging area when he’s working on a project, which is most of the time.  If he couldn’t work on his projects, I’m pretty sure he’d just turn up his toes.  So I don’t complain about my dining room table not being available.  He will clear it off if someone’s coming over.  What amazes me is how fast all the stuff reappears once the company is gone.

The benefit, of course, is that we’ve never had to pay a repairman, ever, in 49 years. He does it all himself.

Sometimes you have to look for the positive 🙂



8 thoughts on “Married to an Engineer

  1. Ronnie

    Oh, Linda, no wonder Tim thinks so highly of Terry… they are cut from the same Engineer cloth. It’s just Engineers, isn’t it? I swear they’re all hoarders! Tim would take over the whole house with his “stuff” that he “may need” someday if I let him. And with VERY few exceptions (like putting a new roof on the house), Tim hasn’t called anyone else for repairs, either. Of course, the perfectionist in him means that it takes him twice as long to finish anything, too! Gotta love it!

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