Beauty of Gold


(Old English, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch goud and German Gold, from an Indo-European root shared by yellow.)


The most beautiful display of gold that I have ever seen was in the Tower of London.  There is a room, before you reach the actual Crown Jewels, that has glass cases filled with all sorts of silver implements in one case, gold in another.  The items range from plates, forks, spoons, knives, platters, bowls, and serving dishes to monstrous tureens, coffee and tea pots,  and covered platters for huge fowls or maybe roast pigs. Of course, all that food wasn’t there 🙂

I had never seen that much gold in one place, and it was truly beautiful.  So was the silver.  I don’t know if that display still exists.  I was there over 25  years ago.

Image result for gold soup tureen

Imagine this piece surrounded by dozens of others, all in one place. Amazingly beautiful.

RDP: Gold


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