Open and Transparent?

RDP # 46 – Open

Old English open “not closed down, raised up” (of gates, eyelids, etc.), also “exposed, evident, well-known, public,” often in a bad sense, “notorious, shameless;” …


First thought:  This beautiful hymn. Brings back lots of memories of Fourth Baptist Church in Minneapolis, back in the 1950’s.  I loved the big old pipe organ, the harmonizing of several hundred voices. I especially loved it when the song leader would have just the men sing a verse.  I’ve always loved the rich, full sound of male voices in full harmony.

We’re hearing a lot these days about openness, transparency, in government and/or any other type of leadership. There are good things to say about all that. When a government or, say, a corporate leader, acts in secrecy from the people who support that government or the employees,  some harsh results can occur.

It strikes me as somewhat hypocritical, though, for, say, the political left to accuse the right of not being transparent and then to read an article, as I did this morning, about George Soros and all the anti-American organizations in America that he supports quietly.  It is especially disturbing in view of the accusations against the conservatives of being Nazis, when Mr. Soros was an overt Nazi and, as far as I know, still is.

Speaking of Nazis, I heard a survivor of the Nazi “work camps” objecting to the detainment centers for abandoned children ( yes, abandoned–most of them did NOT appear in America with their loving parents, but came across in truckloads, and were dumped where they would be quickly found) being compared to the Nazi camps where millions of people were gassed, tortured, starved, and buried in heaps of skeletal remains. He said, “These camps are NOT like the Nazi camps.  They are given food, beds, blankets, health care, and every effort made to reunite them with their parents if indeed their parents brought them here. To compare what is being done for these children to the Nazi camps is ridiculous.”

I heard on the radio the other day that  reunification, where possible, has now been completed.  What will be done with the thousands of children who were brought here illegally, without their parents, I do not know.

Well.  I don’t usually ramble this much, nor do I usually get into our extremely troubled American political scene.  I think I’ll go back to listen to the hymn again.



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  1. Interesting viewpoints. I was struck by the comment that the reunification process has now been completed. Actually, the government has until July 26th to reunify the 2,000+ children, separated from their families. The ACLU filed a brief saying that the government has not supplied any proof that they have reunified any, although the attorneys for the government claim that most of the under 5+ detained children have been reunited.

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    1. The report I heard on the radio was interrupted by my need to pay attention to traffic, so I’m sure I didn’t get it all. The thing that was surprising to me is that according to DHS stats, 10,000 of the 12,000 children detained did NOT come with their parents. We don’t know circumstances, but from previous reports we can assume some some of these kids were sold by their parents, or sent on ahead in hopes that they could follow, depending upon our government to provide for their children in the meantime. It’s a much more complicated issue than some of our so-called mainstream news media tell us. And, these same circumstances and policies were in place at least three administrations ago, and it was a non-issue until now.


    2. I just clicked your link, not noticing that it is the ACLU making these demands and claims. I trust the ACLU about as far as I can throw them. They are notoriously anti-conservative, always operating on the assumption that all right-wing government is corrupt all the time.


  2. I read an interesting blog post by a young woman who was raised in the US by American parents — sad to say, though, with a criminal bent. She says that ANY child in the US may be taken into foster care if the parents break the law and are sent to jail. Unless another suitable situation is found for the child, like a responsible relative.

    She was advocating, “If you really care about the welfare of children, become a foster parent. There are oodles of children in need of a good home.” I thought she was offering a sensible suggestion, because that’s apt to be where some of these children will end up and the system is overloaded now. When possible, offering to help some child(ren) yourself is a more useful course than accusations and marches.

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