Tossing Salt


Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin superstitio(n-), from super- ‘over’ + stare ‘to stand’ (perhaps from the notion of “standing over” something in awe).


“Are you superstitious?”

“Me?  No way!  All that stuff is just nonsense dreamed up to scare people.  No, I’m not afraid of black cats or Friday the 13th or walking under a ladder.  Silliness.”

“Really?  Then why did you just toss that pinch of salt over your shoulder?”

“What?  Salt?  Oh!  Well, uh . . . that’s what my Grandma always did. . . .not sure why. . . .just seems like a good idea, though.  Nothing superstitious about it.  I mean, what could happen?”

“Knock on wood.”

Image result for tossing salt over one's shoulder

( It’s believed that if you spill salt—which is bad luck—you should toss more over your left shoulder to ward off the evil spirits your spill stirred up. Salt used to be so expensive that spilling it was the same as losing money.)

tossing salt




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