Earth Customs

(I missed all of you last week.  It was very busy with my family here from Germany, and I was just worn out. Just had no energy to write about that prosthetic limb, but I’m sure it would have made a good Zing and Zang story.  I think I’m back on track now 🙂  )


“Oh NO!  This is too horrible! How can these earth people treat each other in such a terrible  way!  I want to go home!”  Zing trembled with fear and horror as he gazed at the cage.

Zang was a bit more brave. “Zinnia, what is this about?  What are those grinning heads hanging from the branch?”

Zinnia spoke softly. “This is Halloween. That is not a real person, but only a dummy. Soon, small children will go around collecting treats from their neighbors. It is called Halloween. Celebrating their dead.  Strange, indeed.Grotesque and bizarre.”


31 thoughts on “Earth Customs

  1. Customs can be very strange indeed. I was familiar with Trick or Treat when I came to the southern US, from Up North, but not with trick or trunk, when you decorate the rear end of your car, park in a parking lot ( usually at a church) and hand out treats from there. And there are always plenty of families who choose not to participate for religious reasons, thinking it too Satanic. Try explaining that to a five-year-old. Who just wants candy. 😊

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    1. Lots of controversy over this holiday. The way we observed it when I was a kid was very innocent compared to now. Halloween has become the 2nd highest retail event of the year. And sadly, there is occult activity that we never heard anything about when I was growing up.

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