A Wedding


late 16th century (earlier as an adjective): perhaps related to Old Norse depill ‘spot.’



Dick and Jane (see them run) *

Hurried to the chapel

Where the sun shone through the windows

And the pews and floors were dappled.

They said their wedding vows,

Had a kiss

But not a grapple,

And went to have some lunch

With all their guests.

They offered scrapple.* So

It’s really no surprise that

people settled for an apple,

Washing down their lunches

With a glass of sparkling Snapple.

*You will catch this meaning only if you’re old enough to remember learning to read from the Dick and Jane books.  See Spot run!  Run, Jane, Run! Dick runs, too!”

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I can’t even begin to tell you how bored I was in reading group.  I was always getting into trouble for finishing the book and not staying on the same page as everyone else. BUT!  I’ve never forgotten these characters, especially Spot. See Spot Run!

*scrapple, for those who are lucky enough never to have tasted it, is popular with a lot of people here in my corner of PA.

Scrapple is typically made of hog offal, (which should tell you a lot, right there!) such as the head, heart, liver, and other trimmings, which are boiled with any bones attached (often the entire head), to make a broth. Once cooked, bones and fat are removed, the meat is reserved, and (dry) cornmeal is boiled in the broth to make a mush. The meat, finely minced, is returned to the pot and seasonings, typically sagethymesavory, black pepper, and others are added.[3][4] The mush is formed into loaves and allowed to cool thoroughly until set. The proportions and seasoning are very much a matter of the region and the cook’s taste.[5]Image result for scrapple

People here of a very thrifty Pennsylvania Dutch lineage like to say that scrapple uses every part of a pig except the “oink.”   I’m not a native, and to me it just tastes like liver. And yes, I’ve tasted everyone’s great-grandmother Anna’s secret recipe.  It tastes like liver. I don’t like liver.  Blech. Deplorable stuff.

A Wedding


7 thoughts on “A Wedding

  1. This obviously wasn’t for the “Tell Me Something Good” prompt. 🙂
    Folks around here — and I think in Quebec, too — know this as “Head Cheese.” yeah, the whole head goes in. Never tried it, thank you. It would rank beside frog’s legs on my list of foods I hope to sample someday. As for liver, you’ve expressed my sentiments exactly.

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