Tell Me Something Good!

Here’s a new challenge that I really like a LOT!

Something good:  The township is putting curbing in on our road, and providing connections to city water if we like.  We don’t like.  Our well works perfectly. And I could live without the curbs, but that’s not what this is about.

The guys doing the work have been extremely careful, kind, considerate, and helpful.

We had a huge old DEAD tree beside our driveway that would be in the way of the work, so the took it down.  They even removed the stump and the roots. That job would have cost us somewhere between $100-$200. Because the Township did it, it was free.

The first week,  with their equipment blocking the road and our driveway, Terry went out to let the foreman know I would need to leave for work in about an hour.  No problem.  You just let us know, and we’ll make a way.

And they did.  Three days in a row, they checked with me about the time I would need to leave and then cleared out stuff so I could leave.

My neighbor also told me I was welcome to cut across and use his driveway, too, if necessary.

Everyone involved has been professional, polite, and friendly. And noisy, but that’s okay. They usually stop around 3 p.m.Image result for road work in a suburban neighborhood

Thanks to the workers in Quakertown, PA!  You’re doing a great job 🙂

Tell Me Something Good!



5 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Good!

  1. Something good: My 4 year old daughter and I rescued 2 monarch caterpillars from the danger of being cut down on the side of the road! As soon as we saw the mower, we dashed out the door on a mission. Sadly, we only found 2 caterpillars and 2 eggs, but at least we tried!

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    1. When they came around to us and all the neighbors to see if we had any questions, we asked them about the tree. The agreed right away that since it would be in the way of the project, they would take it down.

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