They Live On

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Paul and Ringo are knights now, honored for their contribution to music.

John was shot and killed a long time ago.

George died of lung cancer, possibly exacerbated by a stab wound inflicted by a thief.

Their music lives, though, and much has become classic in the genre.  But their guitars will never sound quite as sweet. Their synthesizers are stilled. The sound systems they used are obsolete.

Yet, the music lives on. The fun music, the obscure, the love songs and the laments all live on.


39 thoughts on “They Live On

  1. Lovely choice of Beetles song – one of their finest.
    You’re right – the fact my 14 year old knows many of their songs and we don’t even play them at home shows how amazing the band was.
    Lovely tribute

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  2. Ronnie

    They do live on. And I can appreciate them. Tim is a big fan. But, can I admit that I never really have been. (I can hear the boo-ing from the masses.) There’s maybe two songs that I can hear and I’ll want to sing along, but for the most part if they come on the radio I turn the station! However, I do appreciate the contribution they made to their art.

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  3. It’s so wonderful how their music lives on, to find new audiences and continue to be appreciated by others, long after all of them will be gone. It makes me sad about all the amazing musicians of previous generations and eras, before recording technology, who were only ever heard in person, and whose magic died with them.

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  4. I’m with you. In their heyday, The Beatles weren’t my favorite (heck I was in fourth grade in a Catholic School ~ not much going on in the music department. Plus we had no T.V. and weren’t allowed access to the radio.) They’ve grown on me for their impact and some of their songs still stick in my mind.

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