What’s Not to Love?

Ragtag Daily Prompt #21: ITALIAN


My son and his wife recently spent  a week in Rome.  They loved the food; they enjoyed the ancient ruins; and they loved the countryside full of wildflowers. Someday I’d like to go!

When I think of Italy, so many things come to mind. Food.  Who doesn’t love Italian food?

Image result for Italian food

Music.  Who doesn’t love Andrea Bocelli’s wonderful tenor?

Ruins.  Who doesn’t love all the incredible architecture?  You saw some of that in the Bocelli video, so I won’t repeat it.

The gorgeous countryside. Who doesn’t love the beauty?

Image result for Italian countryside

The sea!  Who doesn’t love the seaside?Image result for Italian seaside

And the faces of the people.  How can you not love this face?Image result for Italian faces


 What’s Not to Love?


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