Let me Count the Ways

RDP #20 – CHECK (daily prompt)


This is one of those words that has  SO many meanings. . . .

My luggage was opened and checked on our flight to South Dakota.  All they found was  the tiny little pocket knife I knew I shouldn’t carry in my purse.  They let me keep it.  Good of them.

My husband is trying to check the proliferation of the lantern fly in our raspberry patch.  To make matters worse, he also found a Japanese beetle yesterday.  Nasty bugs.

I remember having to check and recheck my answers in long division homework in sixth grade. Drove me crazy.  I have something called dyscalcula, which is like dyslexia only with numbers.  I used to erase holes into my papers.

Sometimes we say Check! when we approve of something.  Or we use the same expression when we’re ticking things off of a checklist. 

We write checks to pay bills.  I’m showing my age, though, right?  Most of my bills are paid online these days.Image result for checkers

Checkers is a favorite game for all ages.

When we play chess, we use check and checkmate to indicate the opponent’s king has been stopped or the queen is unable to move.  I’m not a good chess player.  Strategy games are not my favorites.

On fabric, a pattern of different-colored squares is called checked or checkered. 

Someone of dubious character may be said to have a checkered past.

And there’s more, but I think that’s enough for now.  I need to check my time:)

Let me Count the Ways


7 thoughts on “Let me Count the Ways

  1. anie

    how interessting to follow all your checks…time check is for me a very importent check, because it not only becomes less but seems to run faster in time….

    Liked by 1 person

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