A Beautiful Night Sky

RDP # 18: Stellar (daily prompt)


If you’ve always lived in a big city where there are lights all over, day and night, you’ve never really seen what’s up in the sky—an amazing, stellar array that you can only imagine unless you get out into the country, especially in the northern climates, where there is no artificial light at all.

Related image

There’s even a shooting star in there.  Almost looks like a snowstorm, doesn’t it?

Terry grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  He’s a Yooper, for those of you who know the term.  He was so excited to take me up there for the first time, to see his home country and meet his parents.  He told me that one of the things he missed the most was the clear, star-filled skies he enjoyed as a kid.

I have to admit, they were pretty impressive.  Even in the middle of their short summer, the air had a nice nip to it after dark. We sat one night on the shores of Ice Lake just watching the reflection of the stars on the still water.  Quiet, peaceful, a great way to relax—-

IF you had remembered to use the Deep Woods OFF! spray.  Otherwise, the mosquitoes and deer flies would carry you away to be eaten at leisure in their horrible, dark, dirty dungeons.

What, you don’t believe me?  Go up there without any bug protection.  You’ll learn.

A Beautiful Night Sky



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