Return to the Original?

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Atavism (In biology, an atavism is a modification of a biological structure whereby an ancestral trait reappears after having been lost through evolutionary change in previous generations.)


If the theory of evolution is to be believed, then picture this:   A delivery room in the maternity ward of a 2018 modern, state-of-the-art hospital.  A normal, healthy woman has just given birth, but she hasn’t seen the baby yet.  Maybe she never will. . . .?

“Doctor, what is this?  What has happened here?”
“I’m not sure, Nurse Jones.  Both the mother and the father appear to be normal, fully evolved humans.  There doesn’t seem to be an explanation for this. . . .this. . .tissue.”

“But it was a full-term delivery, wasn’t it?  The baby should  be fully-formed?”

“Yes, of course.”  Irritated, the doctor held the seven-pound mass of jelly-like tissue in a basin.  He couldn’t take his eyes off what appeared to be a sucking mouth, and the rhythmic throb of the mass. Nothing else would identify the thing as having life, or certainly of coming from a human mother.

It looked like a giant amoeba.

Image result for amoeba

“The mother is asking to see her baby.  What are we going to do?”

“I don’t KNOW, Nurse!  Put her off.  Tell her we sent the . . . baby. . . for testing.  Tell her anything you want.  We just can’t show her this!”

Shaking her head, the nurse moved to the bedside of the waiting mother and lied to her.

The doctor pondered the thing he held, with the word atavism circling through his mind.

7 thoughts on “Return to the Original?

      1. Do you think they’d be so outstanding physically or brilliant in our day? New thought! I’ve always pictured Adam and Eve as a fairly typical young couple. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful young people and talked with a lot of brilliant ones — they just haven’t pursued fame. I know one fellow who has the voice and talent to be a famous singer, but he’s chosen farming. 🙂
        I think the part of Adam & Eve that was “perfect” was their sinless state.

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      2. But it would be their sinless state, a state of purity, that would make them so outstanding. When they sinned, I believe they began to experience the aging process–albeit much different from our own–and that their created beauty was touched by impurity.

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  1. anie

    a sucking mouth, and the rhythmic throb of the mass??? There are no border of your phantasy granonine…: )..brilliant…Well I, as a mother would not be very amused, on the other hand if it is able to survive in a good way…; )…I think most of people today are adam and eves….of course we have all faults and make errors, but life is for learning, other wise it would make no sense to be born perfect….now the big question what is sin and what we have to overcome…we should surely all share more, give more, smile more and be smarter to people…but on the other side there is our own desire our own wishes an dreams, we want to fullfill…but as everything in life these may have negative consequences on others…..

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      1. anie

        😁haha, don’t think so. My blinkers are still to tight, my thoughts very influenced by my wishes and the questions I try to get answers are circles… this is why it ends in lots of words without a result…and time goes by….

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