Turned the Wrong Way


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This word is a great example of onomatopoeia.  It kind of sounds like what it means.  Awkward, backward, perverse, clumsy.
I’ve had many awkward moments in my life, which I won’t embarrass myself by repeating here.  Anyway, I’ve shared plenty of them in the four+ years I’ve been writing this blog 🙂
I can tell you that I’ve been good at very few sports.  Some, but not many.  I’m not fast, and I’m not a good strategist.   But I loved volleyball, and I was very good at tetherball.  And hopscotch.  And the hula hoop.  But no one wanted to pick me for their basketball team, or softball, or football.  I wasn’t disappointed to be chosen last, because I didn’t expect anything else. That’s life.
Image result for awkward at sports
This would have been me
I think being socially awkward is more difficult, though, than being physically unathletic.  Some people just seem to be  born with social grace, and others have to learn it the hard way.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve blushed after realizing I’ve just said something stupid, hurtful, or inappropriate.  Or, perhaps, failed to respond to the whole “how are you” ritual because my mind was elsewhere.
I was a teacher for many years, and teachers talk a lot.  When you talk a lot, you easily get into trouble with your words.   Now, in the counseling office, I’m still doing my share of talking.  I’m thankful that I came to this career later in life, and had learned a few things about how to listen, what to say and how to say it.  Sometimes you really need to be tactful in counseling others.  Sometimes, my innate tendency to bluntness is actually the best tool I have.  It may seem awkward at the time, but often, blunt words are exactly what is needed.
Here’s a favorite video of mine that I like to show clients who are worry warts by nature. I hope it makes you laugh on this lovely (here in Pa) Monday morning.

8 thoughts on “Turned the Wrong Way

  1. anie

    well, perhaps it may help to say sometime stop it to ourself …; )…to be socially awkward is of course much more difficult…it´s a bad feeling if you realize that you may have hurt someone with your words or your actions….

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