Thick and Thin


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Thin.  I resent that word.  The only thing thinning for me is the hair on top of my head, while my chin whiskers are growing thicker.  And my mustache, too come to think of it.

When I was young, I wore a size 6 1/2 shoe.  Now my feet are wider and a bit longer, and my arches have fallen all the way to China.  Thin feet?  No. Not at all.Image result for thinning hair

I won’t even mention the continent between my chin(s) and my feet.

Thinning hair is not good. Thinning the carrots in the garden is necessary.  Thin gravy? Blech.  But no one wants a thick waist.

We like to promise our friends that we’ll be there through thick and thin.  Had to look that one up.  One source says that the phrase comes from a hunting term, “through thicket and thin woods.”  A thicket being dense woods, I guess.

I’ve always thought of that expression as good times (thick) and bad times (thin).  When the money is plentiful, and when it’s scarce; when the stew is rich with gravy, and when it’s watery.

As always, words fascinate me. They can mean so many different things.

My readers, bless them, have followed me through thick and thin when I go off on one of these word-rambles.  I’m grateful 🙂

9 thoughts on “Thick and Thin

  1. I’d never thought about the origin of thick and thin. Maybe would have thought of it like you did: thick stew/gravy or thin, but woods makes more sense, really. Or perhaps it was coined by a Londoner, referring to their fog. 😉

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  2. michaelkreger

    You wore size 6 1/2. Your grandson is wearing size 12 1/2. At his age, I wore size 9 1/2, and now I wear size 12 1/2. It will be interesting to see if his feet grow as much over the next five years as mine did.

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