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The other kids all had good boots, although many refused to wear them. It just wasn’t cool.  They’d rather have cold, wet shoes and socks all day.

Ian’s boots were definitely not cool. Old, ratty galoshes, they were held together and water-proofed with duct tape. Ian hated them.  His shoes had to last, though, so he pulled the ugly things on and zipped them up.

Head down against the wind and rain, he set his jaw against the comments that would come.

At least he had dry feet. Idiots.

66 thoughts on “Galoshes

  1. Well done here, Linda and I like the philosophy behind it. My husband is always pleased when our kids go against the flow a bit and buck against peer pressure. I am not quite so sure, because some degree of fitting in is good too. You don’t need to be the Lone Ranger.
    Best wishes,

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  2. Sarah Ann

    I’m with Ian. I’m not bothered how rough my shoes look as long as my feet are warm and toasty. (Having worked outside when younger and had permanently numb toes during winter, I appreciate a fat, fur-lined boot, or just a waterproof welly with lots of extra socks.)

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