Life Steps

PHOTO PROMPT © Karen Rawson

Jed had run up and down these steps as a young man, hauling lumber to build his house, hauling furnishings, never missing a step.

He’d walked up the steps, carrying his new bride so close to his heart that she asked him to let her breathe a bit.

He’d carried their babies up and down, glorying in watching them grow, learn, and eventually leave.

He’d helped carry his beloved Sarah’s coffin down the steps, grief so heavy he thought he’d die.

Now, his knees were a problem. But then, “Grandad, you comin’?” made the trek worthwhile.



83 thoughts on “Life Steps

  1. You’ve written an absolutely beautiful story this week, Linda. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to give the biography of a full life in 100 words, but you’ve succeeded triumphantly. You’ve captured the height of human joy and the depth of despair with clear and vivid images. Wow! Kudos!

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  2. I think I said that your piece last week was one of your best. May I say this one tops it? Stepping away from Zing and Zang for a little bit has done you proud. This work brought a smile, a tear and a wee bit of laughter. Perfectly done.

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  3. Sarah Ann

    So much of a life you pack in there. Wonderful. I’m glad Jed still has people to live for after his heartbreak. His joy and sadness through life come through so strongly.

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      1. You’re welcome, Linda and thank you for checking them out. Have you seen the movie Wonder? We just watched it tonight but there is a very strong connection between Via and her grandmother and I remember my grandparents being like that. They were on my side and it made such a difference.
        Best wishes,

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