Ugly Behavior


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I’ve always wondered where this word came from, but never looked it up before.  It denotes an aggressive, angry, or mongrel dog.  Or an amoral, unpleasant man.

From the Old Norse, kurr meant grumbling.  Put that together with the mangy, aggressive dog and you have a rather scary picture.

I’m thinking that perhaps there is a connection between cur and churl  in reference to a disreputable, angry man who hasn’t much of a conscience.  That’s a rather scary picture, as well.

I was talking with a perfectly pleasant young man the other day about an abusive situation in which a woman was beaten by her husband. The young man shocked me by wondering aloud if perhaps she had provoked the abuse.

“No!”  I responded.  “He has been abusive before.  This is in him, and the responsibility is on him. No woman is to be blamed for getting beaten up!”

He didn’t argue, but I could see that he wasn’t sure he agreed with me.  And I find that rather scary, as well.  That there could still be decent men around who believe that if a woman provokes you it’s understandable to work her over is just amazing to me.

Does a woman, then, get to take a baseball bat and conk him over the head if HE provokes HER?


5 thoughts on “Ugly Behavior

  1. I agree, the responsibility is on the one who lashes out, male or female. We had a neighbor who bashed her DH with a frying pan — and he was a fairly reasonable guy. Certainly didn’t deserve it, but that was her out-of-control anger.
    Violence is never right and no one ever has an ‘okay’ reason to lash out violently at anyone else, no matter what gender. Still, some men and women are pros at taunting and provoking; it takes some strength to walk away.

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  2. Violence is never an option! Provoking is also bad. Sometimes the anger is so great, then it has to go out, but I prefer to scream when I’m alone, then I cry and then it’s good again.
    Is it really? No, because communication should always take place.
    For the rest, it does not matter if you are a man or a woman … we are all human and some men are much more feminine than other women and some women are more male than other men!

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  3. That completely appalls me to think that a man thinks it’s justifiable to ever beat a woman! I can’t fathom that kind of thinking.
    I had these friends in college – Kimba and Ray – they were just living together at the time, but they did end up getting married. I have no idea what happened to their marriage. But, at the time, they actually mutually abused one another! I was so shocked when I found this out. They would get into terrible, horrible fights that turned incredibly violent. They would hit, punch and throw things at one another. I didn’t understand it then. I don’t understand it now. But, after the fights, they were an incredibly loving and happy couple. Very strange.

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