PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

He stood gazing across the land that unrolled to the far mountains.  His long black hair, secured by the band around his head, blew in the gentle breeze that tugged and pulled at him.  He inhaled slowly, savoring the scents that rose from the ground, the underbrush, the trees.

In his mind, he replayed the stories of his ancestors as they lived and died in this same land. So much joy, so much pain, so much lying, so much death.

A single tear tracked his lined cheek.

Time to go home. Back to the reservation.

(I hope you won’t mind if I leave Zing and Zang waiting in the sidelines now and then. This picture  was so evocative, partly because of a book I’m reading, that the story insisted on being written.  Zing and Zang, with Zinnia, will return when the photo prompt doesn’t take my heart and mind in a totally different direction.)


66 thoughts on “Memories

    1. Yes, you’re right. History is the record of man’s inhumanity toward man. One tribe or clan or nation has been pushing another off the land they claim for as long as clans and tribes and nations have existed.


  1. Thank you for that lovely story, Linda. The treatment of indigenous peoples by Europeans was shameful. Your unnamed main character stands for all the dispossessed and exiled in their longing for their homeland. Your use of description to heighten the emotional impact is super.

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  2. Jelli

    Ohhhh, Gran… AHO! MIIGWETCHE! Thank you! Such a beautiful tale. I can picture my Bro standing there doing just as you described. I have seen him stand on the hills here and I have watched him weep… I have stood with him, wept with him. I shall keep this story you’ve written in my heart for a very very long time, right beside his memory.. 🙂 ❤

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  3. Beautifully written, Linda. I live in Oklahoma where the Native American culture lives on, at least in art. The tribes were treated terribly and many still live on the verge of poverty. It’s inconceivable the horrors we inflict on our fellow humans.

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    1. It is my understanding that many of them choose to stay with their families rather than moving into “main stream” society. I could be misinformed, not sure.


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