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To confer or present an honor, right, or gift.

The first thing that came to mind was the story of Sleeping Beauty.  The good fairies  bestowed, or gifted her, with beauty and a happy disposition, among other things. The bad fairy promised her a sleep that would last 100 years, and could be broken only when Mr. Handsome Prince kissed her.

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The story lead me to think about babies.  Why?  Beats me, but it did.

Babies are all born with a particular temperament, disposition, personality hard-wired into their little brains.  You can usually figure them within the first three weeks or so.  The calm, peaceful, easy-going baby is the first one to sleep through the night.  The worried, fretful, fearful baby  doesn’t want to be put down.  Ever.  The strong-willed baby doesn’t just whimper.  He yells, screams, and hollers until you figure out what he needs, which is often nothing more than your attention.  The happy, outgoing baby is the first to smile, the first to make others laugh.

And the beauty of it is that we need all the different personalities to make this old world run smoothly.  We need the strong leaders, the people-oriented lovers, the detail-oriented fretful ones, and the peaceful, calm and contented ones.  They all  can, and actually sometimes do, work together  to create communities, cities, nations.

Think about it.  Would you want a people-pleasing, happy-go-lucky doctor, or would you prefer one who is analytical, detail oriented, perfectionistic but perhaps a little remote?

I’ll take the remote one any day.

But where would we be without the entertaining people-oriented folks who make us laugh?  What a dreary world.

How about the strong-minded, take-charge leaders?  We need them, too, or nothing would ever get done.  And those calm, peaceful ones help keep everything oiled and running smoothly.

All these gifts are bestowed on each  of us by the Creator Who designed us to begin with.  No good or bad fairies involved.  We need to learn to appreciate and accept each other, and quit trying to impose who we are, ourselves, onto everyone around us.

Vive la difference!


6 thoughts on “Gifted

  1. Isn’t it amazing how babies can manifest such different natures even during the first few weeks? A friend told me that when they were delighted first-time parents with a precious bundle to love, their baby girl just HATED to be held and would scream whenever they tried to cuddle her. They were so dismayed! Thankfully she was the only one like that. She grew up to be a really independent type.

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