Playing Croquet


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I’ve never been much of an athlete in the sense of being a fast runner, a gymnast, a classy basketball player.  But there are some things I did very well.  I played a mean game of volleyball.  I was the tetherball queen.  I could hopscotch and hula hoop with the best.

And I was pretty good at croquet.  Does anyone play croquet these days?

We used to set up the game on our  nice big lawn on a summer’s day.  We set it up an adequate distance from the badminton net so that friends could choose what they wanted to do. 10971621-croquet-mallet-and-ball-over-white

The point of croquet is to smack a wooden ball with a wooden mallet, make it go through wire hoops, and garner the most points  as you went around the circuit.  You could get  three points, for instance, if you hit your ball through the two hoops AND hit the wooden stakes behind the hoops. You also got points if you “sent” your opponent’s ball by placing your own right next to it, putting your foot on your own ball, and smacking your ball with the mallet.  The trick was to not break your toes, so if your aim wasn’t the best, you did this very carefully. croquet

We spent many delightful hours outdoors, playing with family and friends.  It was a competitive game, but it didn’t require the players to run or throw a ball.  My kind of game.

Women used to play it in long white lacy dresses and high button shoes, wearing gloves and wide-brimmed hats to protect their  porcelain complexions.  Glad those days are over 🙂


2 thoughts on “Playing Croquet

  1. I have very happy memories of all the kids in the neighborhood I grew up in, gathering for a game of Croquet. We had a lot of fun. I’m not sure if anyone DOES play anymore? Thanks for the good memories.

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