Parallel Ideology


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The word comes from two Greek roots meaning alongside and one another. 

It has been said that parallel lines never meet. d7b

I’ve been thinking about that in relationship to the deep divide in American politics that grew dramatically under Obama.  It continues to grow as our mainstream media continues to mount the most vicious attack against any President in our history, including the tirades against Abraham Lincoln during our Civil War.

For a time, I truly believed that at some point we would manage to agree to disagree and work together for the greater good of our country, but that time lasted for about a nanosecond.  The determination of those who want to subjugate America to a philosophy that represses everything we hold dear is not going to give up.  I can only hope and pray that those of us who love freedom will not give up, either.

As parallel lines never meet, neither do parallel ways of thinking.  Parallel, but never moving closer together.

As I write, I’m listening to Vice-President Pence talk about the horrors of the dictatorship in Venezuela.  As always, the Communistic-style dictator made glowing promises that have not been kept. Mr. Pence just described a grandmother who told him how her grandchildren had to stand in line at 5 a.m. to get a ticket to purchase one slice of bread at 5 p.m. Go ahead, read that again.  This is a scenario that has happened over and over again throughout the history of the world when government promises the people that “we’ll take care of you.”  As the wonderful Margaret Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually it runs out of other people’s money.”  Yet those in power never lack for food, and live in wealth on the backs of the people they’ve promised to take care of. It’s nothing new.  Why some people continue to think it is the answer to the world’s problems continually amazes me.

Well.  I don’t often venture into the realm of politics here.  I already know there are many of my fellow bloggers who disagree with me completely, and that is the beauty of the freedoms we enjoy in America. We still have the right to say what we think, to stand for what we believe.  There is ongoing war against that freedom.  One of these days,  we may lose it, and only then will we truly understand the immense value of what we had.


5 thoughts on “Parallel Ideology

  1. Margaret Thatcher was a witty lady! Politics often goes round in a circle: the Left becomes as intolerant and repressive as the Right they once condemned. Just on different issues.

    You give a perfect example of parallel thinking, but opposite viewpoints! I can just hear various Leftists, some of the media, and folks in the LGBT community saying, “There are folks determined to subjugate America to a philosophy (or religion) that represses everything we hold dear. We who love freedom will not give up, either.”

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