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“I wish I had a genie in a lamp,” sighed Allie. “I have too much to do, not enough time to do it.”

“Let ME help!”  came a deep, resonant voice.  “We don’t all live in lamps, you know!”

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“What?  Who are you?  Where are you?  Oh dear, this must be a dream!”

“It’s no dream. My name is whatever you wish it to be, and I have come in answer to your wish.  How can I help?”

“Uhhhhhh,  well–do you clean house?  I mean, really deep clean?  Behind the furniture, air vents, move the appliances?”

“Of course!  Simple!”  The genie snapped his fingers, and the house instantly sparkled in every corner.  Windows, walls, dusty furniture all became pristine.

“Wow!  That’s amazing!  What else can you do?”

“Whatever you desire.  You have two wishes left.  Use them wisely.”

“Okay, let me think.  Two more.  Well, can I wish for my house to stay clean like this forever, or would it be smarter to wish that I had the strength and energy to do the work myself?”

“Those are very good questions.  I cannot tell you what to wish for, only that you must choose wisely.”

“Huh.  Not much help, are you?  Oh, well, of course you are. Sorry.  Okay, I wish for the strength and energy I had in my 20’s to last me the rest of my life.”

“It is done.  One more.”

“I wish my husband could be free from pain.  Can you do that?”

“It is done.  You have chosen well.”  And the genie disappeared in a puff of smoke.

A few hours later, Allie’s husband came home looking astonished and confused. “You’ll never believe what happened, Allie.  I was working on fixing a lawnmower, and all of a sudden the pain just vanished!  It hasn’t come back!  It’s almost as if someone made a wish to a genie!”


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