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Crema, I learned recently from my coffee-loving son-in-law, is the froth that develops on the top of a freshly made cup of espresso. He has an espresso machine, and he’s become quite adept at turning out a most pleasing cup of coffee.ristretto

I finally broke down and got myself a French press, before I found the one my son left in my pantry before he moved to the UK.  So now I have two.  One, his, is a one-cupper.  Mine is a little bigger, and could probably make three small cups or two big ones.

One of the things I enjoy is that there always some frothy foam at the top of my cup when I pour the coffee  from the press.  I like it.  It makes better coffee than my old drip appliance, richer and more full-bodied.61dfw0rjvxl-_sl1500_

I’ve always enjoyed the foam on a root beer float; or a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows melting on top.   Somehow, a drink or a treat like a root beer float is just better when it’s frothy on the top.

Why is that?


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