No More Worlds to Conquer


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(I hope you will forgive me for being a bit silly this morning. Just the mood I’m in, I guess)


Have you ever wondered how different the world would be today if no one had ever decided to explore beyond the shores of Europe or any of the other “old world” continents?

“You know, Mr. Ponce de Leon, a fountain of youth doesn’t seem too likely.  After all, look at these old people who live here.  They look pretty wrinkly to me.”

“You know, Mr. Pizarro, these folks have lived here all their lives.  I mean, who are we to suddenly say they belong to Spain?  Really?”

“Did you hear about the way Mr. Magellan died?  Yeah, it was pretty awful. Too bad he didn’t get to finish the voyage around the world, but he sure fought hard before the natives did him in.”

“Hey, did you hear about old Verrazzano?  Boy, he traveled a long way from where most of those guys explored.  Even got  a strait named for him.  What a guy!”

“So, Mr. Cortez, how does it feel to bring about the fall of a huge empire like the Aztecs?”



Of course, we know that history is simply the record of man’s inhumanity to man. One people-group is always trying to displace another, blood is shed, “civilization” is rearranged, and life goes on until the next major clash.

What motivated all those explorers?  Well, curiosity was a big part of it.  Money.  Fame. Religion. Zeal for whichever nation the explorer was from.  A lot of land was rather arrogantly claimed by various European explorers, often simply by planting the flag of that nation  in a piece of soil near where the boats landed.  The natives of the new land were seriously expected to nod their heads in agreement.  If not, they died or were driven to flee as far inland as they could.

The problem we have today, of course, is that there are no more new lands to conquer. Makes thing pretty tough for modern-day explorers, unless they have a taste for the North or South Poles.

4 thoughts on “No More Worlds to Conquer

  1. oh how wonderful Granonine! But no, there are infinite discoveries …. not on land, but in general. Man is certainly an explorer and an adventurer. He wants to learn and to know and he must fight for it often … very unpleasant sometimes…

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  2. Today all the explorations are being done in labs and in cyberspace. You have made a point though: there could hardly be a fountain of youth anywhere if the locals were old and wrinkled. guess he was looking for a country where everyone was young.

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