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I was in high school during the peak of the miniskirt fad.  I didn’t wear them, because if my dad had caught me in one it would not have gone well.  For me, a short skirt was one that just skimmed the tops of my knees.

Image result for miniskirt

Anyway, you had to have the legs for it.  I did not.

Then, in college, we went all the way to the maxidress in an effort to take on some of the styles of the hippies of the era. Only we called them granny dresses.  I think I made one from a pattern like this, only with a higher neckline:

Image result for 1970's granny dress

Now, we’ve changed the words.  Micro means small, or tiny.  It’s used in science.  It’s also used to describe tiny little aggressions in our multi-cultural society.  Here’s a chart someone created showing you what some common microaggressions are:


And of course, a macroaggression is an outrageous, in-your-face insult to someone of a different race, color, or creed than the aggressor.  I know, I left some things out. No offense intended.  Really.

I saw a video yesterday of a man of color who was violently demanding an older white woman give up her bus seat so he could have it. He was very intimidating, and the old lady was obviously terrified. Another younger woman came to her rescue, leading her away from the irate man, who then banged his fist in victory, I guess, and plopped down in the seat, spreading out to make sure no one would try to share it with him. That’s macroaggression.

At the risk of creating some irate readers out there, I would just like to say that I honestly live my life without looking for ways to be either micro or macro.  I don’t even think about it. It doesn’t matter to me if someone is different than I am.

What does matter to me is to treat every single person I see with the exact same respect and courtesy with which I want to be treated.

So far, it’s working out pretty well.




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