Hoo Boy!


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Do they still have “efficiency experts”?  Maybe time management gurus or something.  Anyway, I could use one.

I look around my house, and everywhere my eyes stop, there is a task that needs to be done.  It’s depressing.
I was more efficient when all four kids were home, I had a three-story house, only one bathroom, and a wringer washer.  Oh yeah, and youth and energy.  Forgot about that part.

Now I have a convenient one-floor rancher, automatic washer and dryer, dishwasher, two bathrooms–and there are only two of us. Yet my house is almost never completely clean and orderly.

Of course, Terry is now retired.  That should tell you a lot right there if you’re married to a handyman, as I am.  There’s nothing he can’t fix.  The part he has trouble with is the cleaning up and putting away.

But I’m just as bad.  I think he’s rubbed off on me after all these years.  For instance, there is a table on the right side of my chair in the living room.  Right now, it is cluttered with several booklets of instructions for my phone, TV, and laptop.  I finished the project yesterday, but there it all still sits. Also, my lovely copy of Great Expectations,  which I need to finish reading before my homeschool co-op class on Friday.  Almost done.  Then there are the remotes–TV, DVD, special one for FiOS. And my Alexa.  And the landline phone.  And a stack of DVD’s Dan left that I’m slowly working through.  And a picture of Kyle and Ivan when they were little and too cute for words.  And my Android cell phone.  A pair of embroidery scissors, a nail file, a set of earphones, a Chapstick, a couple of pens, a coaster, an aroma therapy bottle with bamboo sticks in it–needs to be changed.  And a decorative thingy that gets hidden behind all the clutter. And, when I’m not using it, my wireless computer mouse.  And a big, beautiful doily that you can’t see much of because of all the stuff sitting on top of it.


(This is not mine.  I’m not quite that bad!)

See, I’m inefficient.

But now that I’ve described all that to you, I’m completely embarrassed.  I’m going to go get dressed and then come back in here and clean it all up.

Just that one table?  Well, come on, it’s a start!

Oh boy.  I just looked to my left. Ugh.

See, this chair is my op center!  Lots of work gets done here.

But I really am going to clean up the table on my right.  I will. Really.




8 thoughts on “Hoo Boy!

  1. This makes me smile at how you have listed everything. When I read it I don’t see clutter but a busy life. Hobbies (books and embroidery scissors) and people loved (a picture frame).
    My Mom used to have a book on the end table, her reading glasses and a crossword puzzle. I usually had a coffee cup. My place doesn’t look like that anymore so I say embrace the mess!

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