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“I must be faceless,” thought Reenie.  She walked with a crowd of other hurrying lunch hour escapees, all seeming to be running away from the huge buildings that would swallow them back up in 45 minutes.

But no one noticed her.  She watched as others briefly glanced up, smiled, quickly lowered their eyes.  She watched people walking together, heads close as they had private conversations in a public place.  She watched as people met on the corners; men meeting men, men meeting women,  women meeting girlfriends and boyfriends. Seemed everyone else had a place to go, someone to see, a recognizable face in the crowds that filled the sidewalks.

But not her. She stopped at a sidewalk vendor and asked for a hot dog, all the way.  The man behind the cart slapped her sandwich together without ever looking up, and held out his hand for her money.


Reenie walked to a square, found a bench, sat on one end and slowly ate her sandwich. No one sat on the other end.  No one smiled at her. No one spoke.

Well, they had taught her to be invisible. They had trained her to behave in such a way that no one would remember her or be able to describe her. Thinking of her mission, she felt her heart speed up with excitement.  Only a few more days, and none of the ignorant people around her would be left with faces intact.

It would be a good day.


3 thoughts on “Alone

  1. oh what a horror story. Unfortunately not a untrue story. Make people into fighting machines, into a weapon. How can people be manipulated like that? Lonliness!
    You made a very good story. Your twist in the end turns pity into horror!!

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      1. anie

        yes very sad, and you ask yourself, where are the people around this person. The ones who should be there to love this person…the family, a partner a good friend? Maybe it is because we forget to really care about the one who are near to us. Near by blood, by heart or mind….we forget, because the whole world, all these virtuals friends and the most important, we ourself are more important… its more important that all the world knows what I eat for dinner, than enjoying the moment with the person I share my dinner! Its more important, that the whole world look at my profile than looking in the eyes of the person I love.

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