The Trail


PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudberg

Anna pulled the horses to a stop. She sat very still on the seat of the buckboard, pondering the strange sign. She’d never seen anything like it, but it was a clear warning to go no farther. Who put it there?

Clearly, others had gone before her. The track was evidence of that.  She’d known it was a dangerous trail, but she was intrepid and curious, a sometimes dangerous combination.

Pulling her shotgun closer, she clucked at the horses and slapped the reins, moving slowly forward.

Too bad her sunbonnet blocked her vision.


64 thoughts on “The Trail

  1. In former times one would have said, “who does not want to hear must feel?” She crashes? Is dead? Warnings of this kind should be better taken into account. One wishes that instinct could help us more than warnings from other people, who always point in different directions.

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      1. anie

        world is getting complicated, it is better to hear to our own signs inside…but of course inside will always tell you should hear to warning labels.

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  2. anie

    but as often happens, we are not glad for not knowing what happend next..although you made up a very exciting story..; )…your stories are often ending in a very critical end with mostly tendence of bad ends…I wonder why? Is it better for art to show tragedy than love?

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    1. That’s a question worth pondering, Anie. It’s not something I do purposefully, but often a story that is left open to the reader’s imagination can seem to end in tragedy. It would be interesting to keep track for a few weeks to see how many of us do end our stories in tragedy.

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      1. anie

        Hmmm, of course it remains the interpretation of the reader open to interpret things positively or negatively, but in the roots, the word choice and formulation of the author usually gives a clear indication of his thoughts …; ) … yes, it would be interesting to see that. I think the art mostly pushes extremes to be interesting at all. Dramatic twists, big emotions and scenes. Imagine as an author that your characters have to live and feel what you do to them !!!! Cornelia Funke’s ink trilogy sends greetings …; ) … I wish me a happy ending and if you let her drop the abyss I’ll let her grow wings!…: )

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  3. Sarah Ann

    Love the historical route you took this week. I can’t imagine why Anna didn’t send the horses on ahead slowly, following with her gun, and craning her head this way and that looking out for dangers. She was forewarned.

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  4. Oh my, I was half expecting to read the horse lost its footing and down they went. The sunbonnet was a big surprise. A lesson learned: never think you know where the story is going. Read it all first and you’ll be happy you did. As always, Linda, you’ve written a really good story for the prompt photo.
    Isadora 😎

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