Not Quite White-Out


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. 


Terry is outside doing the first  run on clearing our driveway.  I’m sure he’ll do it at least a couple more times before the snow stops.  He likes to stay ahead of it, because our “plow” is just a little lawn tractor  with a plow attached.

He has attached a long pole with a neon orange flag at the top.  Otherwise,  he’d be invisible. It’s a white world out there, although not really a white-out. I can see the trees, and the houses across the road–although they’re a bit blurred 🙂

The forecast was for 6-14 inches, and if this keeps up,  we’ll  get at least that much.


Yup, that’s about what it looks like. Visibility is poor.  I have the day off–no one wants to brave the streets until this slows down and the road workers have a chance to start plowing–although they’re probably already out there on the main roads.

So, am I bummed about this  early spring snow bombardment?  No, not really.  I’m home, warm and safe.  The snow will melt quickly in temps that are going to be over 40 for the next several days.  My narcissus will survive–they’re tough little flowers.  This too shall pass, and in spite of all the snow I can actually hear some birds singing out there under the protection of our front porch.  That’s pretty cool.


I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating:  Hats off to emergency workers, medical people, the ones who drive the plows and the salt trucks, everyone who has to be out there because it’s part of the job.  They make life easier for the rest of us.  They may seem invisible, but their efforts certainly are not.


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