Another Storm Coming!


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On this first day of spring, 2018, after enduring a rather blustery and lion-like month, we are facing another snowstorm.  It’s supposed to start around six tonight, and keep right on snowing through early Thursday morning.

I sigh.  I have to admit, I’m going to be glad to say goodbye to this month.  It reminds me of southern Minnesota, 1965, March.  We had a huge blizzard every weekend that month, and by the time it finally stopped, you could actually walk from housetop to housetop because of the drifts from the wind.

This is some serious snow.

Which takes me to today’s prompt, identical. They say that no two snowflakes are ever identical.  No one, to my knowledge has ever disputed this claim. I remember looking at snowflakes under a microscope in chemistry class, marveling at the intricate patterns, lacy and fragile, and yes, never identical.

I remember trying to create beautiful snowflakes with paper and scissors, but somehow mine never quite came up to God’s results 🙂  Mine never made it to this level, either!


You’ll never convince me that this amazing lack of repetition in snowflake patterns is just an accident of nature, of evolution.  No, it is something I like to think God does, because He can.  He is infinite, and His creativity is infinite.  I believe He takes delight in creating each snowflake, enjoying the  treasuries of the snow (Job 38:22).  The symmetry, the variety, the crystalline sparkle of each tiny flake is a result of the endless creative ability of God.

So I will enjoy what I hope is the last snowstorm of this month, probably having a day off tomorrow,  and I will be thankful for all the guys out there on plows and salt trucks, and the power and light guys who are always on call during a storm like this; also the EMTs, the ambulance drivers, the tow trucks, and all the many other services that require sleepless nights during a big storm.

See, if you look for it, there is always something for which we can be thankful.


5 thoughts on “Another Storm Coming!

  1. anie

    Oh yes, you are right Granonine, you can always find a reason to be grateful if you have a positive attitude. Even if the snow is enough for us, if there will be another gap with the storm, the creation is a marvel for which we should be grateful. I really like the idea of ​​God’s infinite creativity in relation to the snowflakes!

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