Malicious Car


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Years ago, we had a car that Terry could start.  No one else could.  He has magic hands. He tried very hard to explain to me how to pamper that beast into starting.  He could make it purr like a kitten.  For me, it roared like a dying elephant.


Image result for old clunker of a car

One morning, I got called in to substitute teach. Kids to get ready, lots of morning details which I handled with efficiency. No problem.

Then I got into the car.  Put the key in the ignition. Did exactly as Terry had said. It started—-and died.  Again, again, again.  My temper was rising.  I hated that car.  Finally, I put my foot down hard on the accelerator when the engine started—-and heard a mighty THUNK CLUNK from that piece of junk.

A neighbor had heard it, a very kind man. He said, “I think you broke the U-joint.”

Whatever that was.

He kindly offered to take me and my kids to school.  All I had to do was face my husband and tell him I killed the car.

Well, drat.  I didn’t kill it.  He and his friend fixed it.

I hated that car with a passion until we finally traded up for one that would start for me.



4 thoughts on “Malicious Car

  1. michaelkreger

    It looked pretty much like that one, too, didn’t it?

    Isn’t that the one in which we spilled the milk, and it soaked into the carpet on the floor and stank to high heaven in those miserable PA summers?

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