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John had been sick for several years. His heart first, then a series of small strokes.  Several surgeries had weakened his body, and his last stroke made it impossible for him to live at home.  His worst nightmare was coming true.  He was being transferred directly from the hospital to its connected nursing home.

His mind wavered between reality and the land of dreams and memories, but he never lost sight of the God he had loved and served for so many years.  He knew heaven was his next and final stop, and he looked forward to it.

Except he didn’t want to leave his wife of over 51 years.  When you’re married that long, you ought to leave together.  She was so faithful, coming every day to spend hours with him, talking, holding hands, sharing a kiss now and then.  When he fell into his afternoon sleep, she would leave to tend to other chores, but she would be back to share his evening meal and stay until he slept for the night.


John’s premonition that death was near grew stronger each passing day.  He dreamed of seeing his father standing  strong and well, smiling and waiting for him.  He had other dreams, not always so pleasant, of life experiences he rarely talked about–the war years, in a submarine, as a torpedo man were especially troubling.

Sometimes he made no sense, saying things he would never have said if his mind had been normal.  Once, when his younger daughter came to visit, he thought she was his wife.  It took a little persuading to convince him she wasn’t.

One morning, as his nurse finished helping him shave and bathe, he looked right into her eyes and said, “You won’t have to do this for me again. I’m going home today.”

The nurse smiled, tucked him in for his nap, and quietly left the room.

He fell asleep, and woke up in heaven.

Premonitions are usually considered a negative thing.  This one wasn’t, though. John was ready, looking forward to seeing the Lord, knowing his life was truly just beginning.


3 thoughts on “Forewarned

  1. I’ve always told my husband that I’ll be the first one to go because I don’t think I can bear life without him. His answer? Please make sure you leave me with money and the money you keep in your “secret” places.

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